CEL's vision of the Extended PC on TechTV


Ylian Saint-Hilaire - Senior Software Engineer & Architect

Ylian Saint-Hilaire
Senior Software Engineer & Architect


As part of CES 2002, the Consumer Electronic's Show in Las Vegas, Intel Connected & Extended PC Lab presented its vision of the Extended PC. A personal computer that could drive, in addition to the computer's desktop, many home appliances. These devices would include televisions, picture frames, home automation devices, universal remotes, toys and many more... By doing so, the devices could leverage the PC, including the processing power, storage, media content and internet connectivity.

Intel PR took notice of CEL's technology and made sure to drive the press to our demonstration. We booked a time slot with TechTV who built and featured a report on the emerging 802.11a wireless standard and his place within the home.

The video was edited for the web keeping the introduction and the relevant video portion.

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